Dry Cleaning

Your garments are cleaned with standard cleaning methods.  Utilizing our Triple Inspection Process: Your garments are inspected for defects, spots, & stains; they are cleaned and pressed, and then re-inspected for quality control. Finally your garments are assembled and inspected again for accuracy of delivery.


Your garments are inspected with our Triple Inspection Process, they are simply washed in water and detergents, pressed and delivered.

Fluff & Fold

Your garments are inspected with the same Triple Inspection Process as Dry Cleaning and Laundry, washed in water and detergents.  The difference is; we fold your garments and deliver them to you.

Inspection & Repair

Spot treatment, button replacement and others issues will be addressed during our Triple Inspection Process.  Your garments are inspected upon arrival to the plant, checked in and a SMS Text is sent to you. Your garments are then cleaned and inspected again and another SMS text is sent to you.  Finally your Route Driver assembles your garments and inspects them one final time and delivers them to your door, you will receive an Email detailing your order with a link to pay.